By the pier in Sopot since 30 years

    Gallery history

    KAMIR amber gallery is a place with a long-standing tradition, written in the history of Sopot city. Created by people with passion, who passed on their love for amber from generation to generation, today is a perfect combination of classics with a modern twist.

    Why is it worth it?

    Certified jewelry and amber goods

    Unique design

    Products from local craftsmen

    Open daily all year round

    Broad product knowledge and history

    Product selection by the Team with passion

    Reflections on the gallery visit

    • "Thirty years ago it looked like this - first a tennis lesson at Sopot courts, then unforgettable Gusti ice cream (creamy flavour with Italian nuts) and a walk on the pier or, if the weather was not good, through the exhibition halls of BWA. Finally, a must-have visit at the amber store - the only one so sophisticated and product-rich with Baltic gold. KAMIR amber gallery has been here since always.”

    • „We had such a great experience there. The staff was helpful and very patient (we were there for quiet a while due to the amount of products they have there). Price range from low to high - they have it all and all seem very reasonably priced. We were able to find items for each member of the family as well as some souvenirs for ourself. They also package each item nicely, and most importantly they provide authentication certificates from the Polish Amber Chamber of Commerce. Strongly recommend checking them out!”

    • A store with decades-old tradition, original jewelry of Baltic artists from real amber. Everyone will find something for themselves. A traditional ring or earrings at a moderate price in a huge selection. Unique products made of matt-cut amber in beautiful compositions with wood, leather, silver, gold, you name it! A must-see for walks on the pier and in the Sopot Baths. Highly recommended!

      Visit our store

      Add KAMIR amber gallery to your list of walk-points in Sopot. Stop by during your seaside vacations or visits to loved ones, or drop in to chat about the beauty of amber and the history of the city. You’re sure to find something for yourself among our collection or as a gift for your beloved.

      However, if you visit the Baltic only during summer time and you long for the sea breeze and foamy waves, take a look at our online store and choose a perfect amber for you.